Lisa’s School of Dance offers a wide variety of classes including Tap, Jazz, Ballet, Lyrical, Modern/Contemporary, Hip Hop, Musical Theatre and more.

Classes are available for Preschool through Adult, beginner through advanced.

The studio runs classes on a full dance season September through June and also on a 6 week recreational level.

All classes are performance classes with the exception of the technique classes and the 6 week recreational programs. This gives students the opportunity to showcase their hard work through dance festivals, recitals and community performances.

Please have a look below for a description of all of the dance styles available to you. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us and we will answer any questions you may have.


A style of dance where the feet are as much a musical instrument as the drums. Intricate rhythms and beats are created using specific style shoes. Routines generally have an entertaining and exciting “Broadway” or “Theatrical” feel to them. A ... Continue reading


An upbeat/energetic form of dance. Includes all major technical elements example: turns, kicks, jumps. This style of dance varies from each choreographer. Jazz routines may have a more theatrical “Broadway” feel to them, or include a more current and sassy ... Continue reading


A classic form of dance, ballet is the structure behind every genre. Ballet is a timeless form of dance that greatly improves the posture, balance and technique of every dancer. Ballet routines may be taught as “Classical”, which have no ... Continue reading


An urban-contemporary form of dance, Hip-Hop is a favorite among the present generation. From “Old-School” to “New School”, this is the most publicized form of dance today. Popular within most music videos and concerts, Hip-Hop is definitely a current favorite ... Continue reading


A beautiful an expressive form of dance used to tell a story. Whether the dance is portraying something happy or sad, the basis of all lyrical routines are a mix of ballet and jazz technique as well as raw emotion ... Continue reading


Originating in the early 1900’s, Modern Dance was created to ‘rebel” against the strict technique of classical ballet. It since has developed into a “Free Spirited” form of dance where the choreographer is free to use the dancers to tell ... Continue reading

Musical Theatre

A very entertaining form of dance, which incorporates as much acting as it does dancing. Occasionally dancers will be asked to sing or lip-sync lyrics. Musical Theatre became famous because of routines done on “Broadway”. A few examples of these ... Continue reading